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"When you meet so many creative people, you want to get them together in a group. It's like, This could become something I really understand," Liu adds. "My whole world is in the entertainment business and directing is something that is not an easy task, but I really love the exploration of it and I feel like I have so much more to learn. You learn every time you work on something. That's hopefully what I will continue to do. I'm so curious about life and about things that I don't see that changing or dissipating anytime soon."

As Liu tells it, Elementary has been kind to her and her castmates in affording them the opportunity to flex their directing muscles: "It's a very nice way to say, 'We really trust you.' It's a feeling of confirmation, absolutely."

This season, Joan Watson has toyed with the idea of adopting a baby, a storyline Liu says the writers came up with in order to give Watson "a personal connection" to play against. 

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